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Have you heard about Airbnb?

Hotels can be a pretty expensive part of your vacation. What you usually end up with is a bedroom and a bathroom, and if you are lucky you get your breakfast included.
Recently I came across this little wonderful website where you can rent apartments, houses, castles, tree houses, boats and pretty much anything else.

Airbnb have rentals in 190 countries. The idea is to not just book a place somewhere, but to make a friend along the way. Your host, after all is sort of like your personal tour guide. They will point you in the right direction and give you advice, tips and more. You get to experience a city from a local’s perspective and you get to stay at a place that feels more like home.

I just signed up with Airbnb and will be using them on my upcoming trip to Rome. I was pleasantly surprised to find many inexpensive beautiful apartments in central Rome that met my criteria. I will be sharing my first Airbnb experience here, so stay tuned.

Check them out yourself here:
Go here for a €20 off coupon on your first booking when you Sign Up:

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