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To Love or Not to Love a Girl who Travels

Have you seen the video titled Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels? If not, here it is:

The video is based on a story written by Adi Zarsadias back in January. The article can be found on Huffington Post and here is the link to that article: Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

In February, Nikki Tricarico wrote a counteracting response titled Love a Girl Who Travels. The link to her article can be found here: Love a Girl Who Travels

While I enjoyed the video based on Adi’s story, when it comes down to the 2 opposing articles, I much preferred Nikki Tricarico’s article on why you should definitely not dismiss the girl who travels.

What do you think about the articles? Which one did you enjoy more?

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I am an explorer, an adventurer & Travel is my constant. I have a wild curiosity to learn new skills as I go & meet fantastic interesting people on the road.

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