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Dexter Phoenix from Arizona


This is Dexter Phoenix. I adopted him back in 2010 right after the 1st World Cup game. When I moved back to Europe in 2012, I left my boy back behind in AZ with my ex who I knew would take amazing care of him. Now that I’m here in Cyprus in my permanent home, I want to bring my boy here.

If anyone else has stories of how they brought their dog from America to Europe, please feel free to share.

How Dexter got his name.


At the time Dexter was 1 of my favorite shows and since I was living in Arizona and Humane Society where Dex was adopted is in Phoenix, I named him Dexter Phoenix
Dex is 4 years & 5 months old now & he is a Belgian Malinois (Belgian Shepherd)
He is the love of my life and I cannot wait to be reunited with him for good.
This means a trip to Arizona is in the near future. 🙂

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