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Losing your iPhone in London

“Hi Jelena. You lost your iPhone today on the Northern line. I just found it AND your travel card. I will hand them in at High Barnet Tube Station. My name is Antony. 07770 XXXXXX.” – October 19th 2012

This can happen to you too. Because you are carrying a lot of things, in my case that I usually wouldn’t carry, you can lose your phone or your travel card or wallet. I was wearing my winter jacket, was carrying a handbag, and an umbrella since it was raining out. I also picked up an Evening Standard, then purchased my weekly travel card, and with so much to carry and being new in the city, I must have left my jacket pockets opened. I realized what happened once I got off the tube. I knew where the train went and that most likely my things were on it.

I got very lucky. I headed back to the apartment and got online and saw the message above on my Facebook wall. I also had another phone from Cyprus so I texted Antony right away and arranged to pick up my things the next morning. I purchased a bottle of champagne for Antony and brought it over to him. He was waiting for me at the station with his dad. I was so happy and relieved to have my things back.

On my way back to the apartment, I stopped at Angel tube station and took the following pictures. Antony was my Angel in October.


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