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Best Seafood on the Island


If you happen to be in Limassol during your stay in Cyprus, you have to have seafood at Agios Georgios Alamanou Fish Tavern. For this, you will need a rented car, but trust me it’s so worth it! Even if you are staying in Larnaca, I would suggest the same. It’s worth driving about 30 minutes for this seafood meal.


The toasted bread that you will get upon arrival is Sesame bread with olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice and oregano. Very simple, yet absolutely delicious.

Queen Platter

Beach Platter

The best way to go is to order one or a couple of the seafood platters. They are each meant to be shared between 2 people. The only difference between them is the Queen platter has grilled halloumi (cheese) and the Beach platter has fish fillets instead. If you have never had grilled halloumi before, then definitely order that, you will love it! The fish fillets were absolutely delicious as well. They really make absolutely amazing seafood here and it’s my favorite place to go to for seafood. Each platter is €34 but it’s well worth the money. You will also get a complimentary tea or coffee, a fruit to share like grapes, and a dessert, like baklava with a glass of water at the end.


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