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Spain, on the road Again


If you’ve ever considered traveling to Spain, or have been to certain spots but not everywhere, then you should put this show on your list of things to see.

Spain on the road Again follows master chef Mario Batali, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, Spanish actress Claudia Bassols, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow on a real road trip around Spain, sampling its fantastic cuisine, fancy and plain, and tasting more varieties of wine than your local wine store could ever stock.

The foursome takes in some of the country’s most impressive sights and attractions, including much of the countryside that’s often overlooked in travel guidebooks. The group travels to cities, vineyards, tiny towns and everywhere in between, seeking out the best food and drink and other amenities Spain has to offer.


For more information on Spain on the road Again, please check out their website where you can download full episodes of the show. Also you can take a virtual visit of all the places featured in the show by playing around with the virtual map. Here you will find information on all restaurants featured in the show, as well as hotels and attractions.
I have watched every single episode of the show and it definitely made me want to explore Spain in depth. You will be hooked!

The opening song of the show is Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again & you can have a listen bellow.

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