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Sweet Sundays

Hey guys, hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday. It rained here in my town of Limassol, so I decided to have a lazy Sunday at home. Eventually the sun graced us with its presence and I was happy again.

This Sunday I’m starting a new post called Sweet Sundays. I will be creating posts on desserts all over the world. Some I’ve had before, and some are on my list to try.


I’m starting with a local Traditional Coconut Cacao dessert from Cyprus. Surprisingly I’ve never had it before, but I’ve seen it around in most grocery stores. I decided to buy it and make a little post about it. Most local desserts are quiet sweet so I expected this to be too sweet, but it’s actually quiet nice. It tastes a lot like the Bounty bars, but not as sweet. The chocolate coconut ratio is also different from the Bounty bars. There’s more coconut here, and less chocolate.

I am really enjoying these treats, just had 3 actually while writing this. They would be great paired with a cup of tea, or even a coffee. Perfect little island dessert. 🙂


  1. I like the idea of the chocolate-based dessert. You are lucky to live on Aphrodite’s Isle and I think you still have some British presence in Akrotiri. And I hope that is not controversial. Good luck with the blog challenge. I am number 274.

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