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Sweet Sundays


A few days ago I was having a giant sweet craving and I walked over to a nearby store looking for something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth and also to use for this post. I decided to go for Italian Nougat. I’ve seen it many times before, although I have never tasted it before and I was extremely curious about this product.


Nougat is both chewy and crunchy at the same time. It was coffee flavored, with bits of hazelnut, almonds, caramel and coffee beans inside. The coffee beans were my favorite part and I actually wish there was more of them inside to balance out the rich sweetness of this dessert. Despite the sweetness, I managed to eat 2/3 of it in 1 go and I saved the rest for the next day. I definitely want to try out some different flavors in the future, like pistachio, strawberry and so on.

Have you had Nougat before? Did you enjoy it? Do you have a favorite flavour? I would love to hear what you think about this dessert.

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