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Sweden & Amsterdam are Calling

So, I woke up at 6:30am clearly recalling my travel dream. I was happy at the airport ready to go to Sweden. Sadly, there was no hint of actually specific location in Sweden. Sweden was my 1st destination, and then from there I was going to go to Amsterdam next. Oddly enough, there is a direct flight from Paphos, Cyprus to Stockholm Skavsta. Both Sweden & Amsterdam are on my list for 2015, so that’s pretty cool. I am just not sure when exactly I will go. I do have to escape the summer heat in August, so maybe then, or in fall of next year…

SWEDEN is calling

I grabbed my Dream Dictionary & looked up my Travel Dream explanation

Going on a Journey: Associated in part with the rhythm of imagined motion, dreams of going on a journey represent in the Freudian view a wish for sexual intercourse. For Jung, travelling carries a sense of progress toward your professional or spiritual destination. A modern approach might see in such dreams a desire for change in some aspect of your life, a desire to “move on”. (dream #296)

Departure: Setting off on a journey may suggest the dreamer is setting out on a quest for the meaning to their existence. (dream #299)

Airport: As a point of departure, an airport may play a symbolic role in dreams of spiritual questing. (Noisy and crowded, it may evoke the stress of a past phase that you are happy to leave behind. However, looking in vain for a familiar face to see you off may suggest that there are a few things about the old life that you will miss after all.)

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