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Sweet Sundays: Beijinho de Coco


My Beijinhos

Beijinho de Coco (Little Coconut Kisses) also known as branquinho (little white one) is a delicious dessert made in Brazil for children’s birthday parties. It’s super easy to make & you only need a few ingredients. I have seen photos of Beijinhos without the cloves, and I’m telling you use the cloves for sure, it will change the taste of the dessert completely. The cloves add a beautiful flavor to this little yummy dessert. Beijinho de Coco is the Coconut version of Brigadeiro. It is believed that Beijinho was originally called “Nun’s kiss” and formerly made with almonds, water and sugar.


The ingredients you need


Bonus photo: My street in London

This is the link I used for the recipe with visual Step by Step picture guide. You should definitely check out the link as there are bonus 3 other ways to make desserts out of this mixture.

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