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21 Stylish Cinemas You Must Visit Before You Die


21 Stylish Cinemas You Must Visit

If you are in London, you should definitely do a Prince Charles Cinema at least once. They have amazing movie all nighters, Movie Double Bills, Interactive cinema nights, as well as beer & pizza night etc. The 1st time I went to Prince Charles it was for my flatmate’s 25th birthday & we saw The Room and it was absolutely epic in its own special way. Unlike most cinemas where you have to keep quiet, here we were encouraged to yell things out at the screen & we were given plastic spoons to throw. It truly is a special interactive experience & super fun to do with a bunch of people. I’m including some photos bellow from Prince Charles. Also I gotta add, if you live in London & you love movies, you should definitely get the yearly membership at Prince Charles.

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Another Cinema which isn’t on the list, but definitely should be is The Lexi Cinema . Lexi is a beautiful little independent  boutique cinema in Northwest London that donates 100% of their profits to charity. The charity they support is  a pioneering sustainable living and learning centre based in rural Stellenbosch, South Africa. Through a series of internationally acclaimed programmes the SI is making a major difference for the families of Lynedoch Village and surrounding area.

“Much of the funding from the Lexi is dedicated to working with the children in the village.  Past projects include: 

  • Supporting the village’s crèche
  • Providing school meals where otherwise children may go without
  • Creating after school clubs and activities (football, karate, and – yes – film making!) to keep vulnerable teens occupied
  • Developing solar power and water management systems

So, enjoy that warm, creamy feeling, for every kernal of popped corn you crunch, every sip of fine Merlot you savour, contributes to the quality of life of those in need at the other end of the world.  Thank you!”

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Lexi Cinema Lights

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