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Brick Lane Sundays


      • oh yes, they have lots of amazing international products in London. It’s probably one of London’s best features actually, you can find anything from pretty much any country 🙂

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      • Might go there just to try the cempedak 😀 try deep-frying them in a simple batter. They will caramelize nicely. Although take caution in selecting the ripe one. Or else it will not taste good at all 😀

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      • I haven’t tried this fruit yet, but I really want to. Not sure if they have it here in Cyprus though, probably not. How would you be able to tell which one is ripe enough? Deep frying them sounds so delicious! 😀

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      • They are amazing. One of my favorite tea-time snack! Unfortunately, I myself do not know how to tell if they were ripe or not. Made several mistake cutting into unripe one myself 😀 I always rely on my parents to choose the ripe one haha. Maybe you could ask for the fruit vendor for help 🙂

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