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Chocolate Week at Colors Café, Four Seasons


Chocolate Sculpture at Colors Café, above

View from the terrace patio

Special Chocolate Week Menu



I’ve never had an Opera before. This one was superb! The almond cake was very tasty and smooth, the dark chocolate ganache was delicious, not bitter and perfectly balanced with the raspberry filling. Nothing was too sweet, and the balance between the 3 had perfect harmony. I highly recommend this one.


Paris Brest

Never had this before either. Pistachio profiteroles with dark rich chocolate cake. The profiteroles were excellent, but the cake was a bit too rich for my liking. The balance between the 2 wasn’t complimentary. If you enjoy very rich chocolate cakes, then you will like this.

Colors Café is known for their specialty desserts. I am definitely visiting this place again.

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