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Hot Chocolate on a Cloudy Day


It was a pretty cloudy afternoon & rain was almost a guarantee, but I decided to take a stroll by the Limassol Marina anyway. I was in a mood for a hot chocolate & Caffè Nero at the Marina is my favorite Nero location. Surprisingly, I’ve never had the Milano Hot Chocolate before, so I went online to find out if this drink is worth replacing my usual coffee fix for, on this chilly afternoon. After a brief glance at a blog post on Caffè Nero’s Milano Hot Chocolate I decided that yes, indeed it will be a hot chocolate kinda afternoon.


Caffè Nero at Limassol Marina (above)

I can confirm that Milano Hot Chocolate is indeed quiet delicious. It has a perfect balance between bitter & sweet elements. The best part was the relaxed atmosphere & the beautiful marina views from the warm cozy coffee shop.


It did end up raining later on, but it was so beautiful. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore combined with the rain sounds, was perfection to my ears.


  1. This looks lovely! We have relatives with a place in Cyprus, and I’ve always wanted to go. So far, no such luck. Of course, it’s not actually luck at all. We just need to get off our butts and go. Iran is next on the itinerary. It would love to fit in Iran, Paris and Cyprus…but that’s probably a horrible idea. How long are you staying?

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    • You should definitely do Cyprus! This island is stunning & I’m surprised that a lot of Travel bloggers either don’t know about it or dismiss it. I just moved here in June after living in London for a couple of years. I also lived here from age 11-19 before, so I am familiar with it. I will be doing a lot more posts on the island soon. I wouldn’t recommend this time of year for visiting. I would say October is perfect & up to Nov 20th, then the temperatures drop. And then February & onward is lovely until about end of June. Then the summer heat gets too intense. But this July was bearable, we got lucky & had some nice winds to cool us down. Usually everyone takes the month of August off & goes on a holiday abroad to escape the intense August heat.


      • Thanks for the tips!! You are lucky! Fortunately, I’m more resilient to heat than most. We live in the U.S. (with U.S. vacations), so getting over that way takes a little more doing than if we lived in, let’s say…Spain. Nevertheless, it will happen. How was London?


    • I flew to Cyprus in January during middle of the month, from London & I loved the weather here compared to London. It was about 21-23C high during the day. My arms even got a light tan. I think February will be fine 🙂 Where would you be flying in from?


      • Probably from Ankara, where I’m based at currently. Quite a short distance to cover. Thanks! Definitely considering it then 😉 Tips of where to go?

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      • How long would you stay for? If you are flying via Larnaca then definitely take a walk along the Marina & the Larnaca boardwalk by the beach. I recently did this & will upload photos. You should also visit Pafos, it’s a very pretty little town. Again the marina area is nice, I will post photos on that too. In Limassol you should visit the new Limassol Marina which is quiet lovely, that’s where these photos are from. Aphrodite’s Rocks are a must! It’s the birthplace of the goddess so it’s usually on everyones to do list when visiting. Nicosia, the capital is a must too. You can take a stroll in the old town & around the border area which is open now. Agia Napa is amazing & Protaras too. Also the other side above Paphos is nice too. You definitely need to rent a car to see everything, but they are easy little day trips. 🙂 There are also quiet a few nice monasteries, old ruins and mosaic sites as well on the island.


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