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14 Day Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise

My beautiful friend Rebecca recently went on a 2 week Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise with her hubby. The itinerary included 10 islands in 2 weeks. How cool is that? Together, we are sharing with you their amazing itinerary & some beautiful photos from their daily activities on the islands.

DAY 1: St. Thomas

A 20 minute bus tour took us to our destination. We have a brief introduction by our guides as to what the day would consist of. After kayaking through the mangroves for about 30 minutes, we stopped for a break and learned a little bit about the mangroves and the history of the area.


We then travelled for 5 minutes to our next destination, where we raced hermit crabs followed by a short hike to see a tide pool and a blowhole, where the water crashed into these huge rocks.


During snorkelling, we saw many beautiful colourful fish and a stingray which was hiding on the seabed. Our guides of the day were engaging and informative.

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