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Birthday Trip to Rome

This is my little AirBnb studio. It wasn’t my 1st choice, but when the place I wanted got booked so far in advance from my trip, I quickly jumped & found this place which has some really good reviews, as well as all my basic needs. I just wanted a kitchen, heating & wi-fi but I’m glad I will have a hairdryer waiting for me there too, as I’m taking a carry on bag only. My host Massimiliano seems super nice & friendly too 🙂

The neighborhood was also important to me & I think I will be happy with Trastevere. The apt is €50 per night & I will be writing a post about it after my stay. It’s my 1st time using Airbnb & I plan to use it for my next trip as well, as I really want my own place.


Trastevere, Rome

For some of my past trips, sometimes I would over plan things & so when I would arrive at my destination, I didn’t have that “oh wow this is all new to me feeling”. So for this trip I sort of want to relax & not plan everthing. I will go with the flow. Since I have Celiac Disease & can’t eat Gluten I do have to plan a little.

Because I’m staying in Trastevere I researched some Gluten free restaurants in that area &  I found 1 that’s very close to my apt that’s apparently is a must for Celiacs: Ristorante Mama Eat!  Based on my research, it’s apparently very easy to eat Gluten Free in Rome & this also makes me feel at ease. I also printed out this Gluten Free restaurant card bellow (just in case) which I can give out to my server in restaurants.

G free Card

I am using this Lonely Planet Travel Guide & I’m gonna say that it’s perfect. It has an entire area of my neighborhood as well as all the other Must see & Do things in other neighborhoods of Rome. I really love how they lay out their guides. I also have a great offline map on my phone, so this is a great little feature that will help me find everything.

LP Rome

Also for those of you that commented, or still wish to comment on my Postcards from… post, please feel free. One of you will be receiving a postcard from Rome.
I already found a little post office in Trastevere too 🙂 This of course will be a complete random draw & I will make an announcement & will ask for your address.


As for blogging from Rome, I haven’t decided if I’m going to blog or not, but I might just do a quick Rome Photo of the Day post at the end of the day. I will see how things go.

When it comes to the lunguage, I am not a stranger to Italian. As a child I watched L’albero Azzuro (Blue Tree) after school, where I took Italian as a 2nd mandatory lungage after English. I also regularly watched Rai 1, Rai 2 & Rai 3 because those were my local TV channels as well as other Italian channels via satellite tv. My favorite treat was the Kinder Sorpresa/Surprise chocolates where you received a toy inside that you had to build. I would also listen to Eros Ramazzotti & sing along.

I turned 29 in Scottsdale, 30 in London, 31 in Limassol & 32nd will be celebrated in Rome. I sort of want to keep this tradition going of spending my birthday in a different country each year 🙂 Just 2 full days left until take off, I’m psyched! 😀


  1. I am excited to hear about your birthday in Rome! That’s a great way to celebrate!!
    And thank you for the side note on celiac. I am allergic to wheat, I don’t have celiac but have to stay away from wheat, soy, peanuts, corn and a few other things. It’s great to know that Rome has some good options! It does make traveling a little more interesting when you need to know what’s in the food.

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    • Thank you 🙂 Yes I did a little bit of research a few months ago, as well as recently & apparently lots of people who travelled where shocked how Gluten Free friendly Rome just is. So let’s see 🙂 I also have an issue with dairy products sometimes but I can take them in small quantities & I’m fine with ice cream & gelato too for some lucky reason. At home I usually drink coconut milk. Yes it definitely makes travelling a little bit more interesting hehe 🙂


  2. It’s so cool to hear that there are other gluten-free people who love travel, too! Thanks for your tips–it’s comforting to know that it’s possible to travel and eat the way you need to!


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