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First Experience with Airbnb in Rome

This was my first time using Airbnb, my first time visiting Rome, as well as my birthday, so I wanted to have a good first experience. This is also why I picked Massimiliano’s studio in beautiful Trastevere, because of his great reputation and amazing apt location. Massimiliano is absolutely an amazing host and I really got lucky. Anything I needed, he was there to help me with right away. He also greeted us with a delicious Italian lemon cake, which I couldn’t eat of course because of my gluten issues, but my mum had it for breakfast in the morning.

gift from Massi

The apt is great and has everything you need. The bed in the apt as well as the comforter was super comfortable and perfect to rest and relax in after a full day of sightseeing. There was always hot water available for the shower and water pressure was fantastic! Besides the hairdryer at the apt, there was also a mini flat iron available for use. I also found some vanilla candles in the bathroom which I used in the studio during the evening when I was relaxing from a long day of sightseeing.

During introduction and meeting, Massi also told us where we should go to see and do specific things. He also gave us some restaurant recommendations and most importantly told me to get in touch with him if there’s anything I need. There were a few occasions when I needed to contact him. For example, after our first full day of sightseeing, sometime around sunset my AA camera batteries died and so I needed help replacing them. So if this happens to you, if you need AA batteries in Italy, just go to a place where they sell cigarettes, and there you will find great AA batteries. We also needed to print our return boarding passes, and Massi told us about a self service laundry place that has computers for use as well as printers nearby which we ended up using. A little tip for that, make sure you email yourself a copy of the boarding pass from your hotel or apt and use 2 emails. In my case my first email could not be opened for security reasons from a new computer location, and I tried verifying it and it didn’t work. So I went back to the apt and used another email address which I already tested at the Laundry place. The language for all the computers will be in Italian.

The apartment looked exactly like the photos above. The 2 studio windows were almost shut all the way because of some work being done, but this didn’t bother me at all. There was no construction noise so no issues there. This did however change the lighting in the room, but it sort of turned out as an advantage as it was really easy to sleep in the morning. You will hear people passing by during the evening but I loved hearing Italian from outside my window, it was a great and beautiful feeling. Like most Mediterranean cultures, people don’t go to bed early here so little noise from outside is very common in the evening. Pack your ear plugs if you are staying in Trastevere, just in case. Most likely you won’t need them as you will be out too enjoying the night life among others, but it’s good item to have since Trastevere if filled with lots of little bars and restaurants which are open until 2-3am.

Trastevere is absolutely beautiful and I will do a separate post later today most likely with photos. Piazza di Santa Maria is just around the corner, and if you have Celiac Disease, Ristorante Mama Eat! is also just around the corner. Everything you need is just a stone throws away. There is a little fruit shop nearby where you can purchase large bottles of water for €1 for the apt. This little fruit shop also carries all sorts of foods and other product you may need during your trip. There is also a nearby pharmacy in the Piazza.

If you have an early morning flight via Ciampino which serves the budget airlines, Massimiliano will book a taxi for you, and that taxi will come pick you up. You will also receive a text and a call from the taxi so no worries about not making it to the airport on time. The taxis in Rome are always white which is also another good thing to keep in mind. The taxi fee should be €30 to the airport, so make sure you don’t pay more.

I would definitely stay in Trastevere again and I would definitely stay at this apt again. Having an amazing friendly host you can rely on for anything during your stay is a great advantage. I highly recommend staying at this little studio.

You can book Masimiliano’s apt here and if you aren’t signed up with Airbnb yet, feel free to use my €23 off Coupon


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