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First Day in Rome: A Trastevere Post

After our Airbnb host introduction it was close to 4pm and we only had food on our minds. We decided to have our late lunch at Mama! Eat since it was nearby. This was one of the Gluten Free restaurants in Rome that I really wanted to try out. I didn’t realize just how close it was from our apartment until we tested out the route. From our apartment, we headed toward Piazza di Santa Maria. At the end of our street we made a Left turn and the famous Piazza was in front of us. The fountain in the center of the piazza was to our right as we approached it, and after we passed the fountain while still remaining inside the Piazza, we took Via di San Cosimato which is the road the restaurant is located on.

Mama Eat is located at the very beginning of that street so the walk was very short, a total of about 5 minutes from our apartment. The restaurant wasn’t very busy during this time of the afternoon. Only a couple of tables were seated so we were able to pick our own seats. The first thing we were asked was Which one of you needs a Gluten Free menu and this was very comforting. Like most people, I love pizza, but I rarely make gluten free pizza at home. Since we were in the land of Pizza, pizza was going to be my first and only choice for the evening. We both ordered Pizza Capricciosa. The menu description left out black olives and ham, which the server immediately let us know. I ordered mine as it was on the menu, while mum included black olives on hers. The pizza was very delicious and very filling and even though it was gluten free, it tasted just like any regular Italian pizza. After pizza I enjoyed a glass of Limoncello which was a perfect little treat for the night.

Our Restaurant Tab Pizza Capricciosa Regular: €7.50 Pizza Capricciosa Gluten Free: €8.50 Limoncello €2.50 Bottle of Water x2 €3 Service Fee x2 €3

TOTAL = €24.50

Just a little side note, the service fee is €1.50 per person and if you wanted to skip out on this, you could order your pizza to go and eat it at the apartment. We shared a bottle of water at the restaurant, but took one with us for the evening/morning. Capricciosa is actually one of the more expensive pizzas on the menu and they start at about €6 for the Gluten Free option.

After what ended up being our dinner for the evening, we took a stroll through Trastevere to explore the area a little bit. We passed by many little local food shops and since the doors were open, the smell of the delicious products travelled to the streets. Later we returned to our apartment and made plans for our first big day of sightseeing.


















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