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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am extremely happy to receive The Versatile Blogger Award. This was a beautiful surprise to receive yesterday from The Island Girl – Thank You so much for nominating me! 🙂 You really made my afternoon a little brighter.

I would also like to say that these awards really mean a lot to me. Each one is special to me. I am constantly trying to tweak my little blog and make it more interesting for my readers and followers. This blog is still quite new, I’ve had it for a little over 4 months now and as a newbie, I am still trying to find my own identity and vision.

The Rules for Acceptance:

7 New Things About Me:

I originally wanted to start this blog on January 1st 2015, but I was so interested in Travel Blogging and did a lot of research on the subject last summer and finally came to a conclusion that I couldn’t possibly wait any longer, so I went ahead and started this blog prior my latest travels that began on January of this year. I will add that looking back now I’m very happy about my decision as I am constantly learning something new about blogging and I feel more prepared and more comfortable to write about my travels now.

I had no idea how much happiness and joy this blog would bring me or how addictive posting would become in the early start. I loved watching the Stats feature and that pushed me to create more interesting and versatile content. I used to think that 1 post a day was extreme and I asked myself before starting, if I could make such a commitment. Pretty soon, I was posting anywhere from 5-10 posts a day easily and happily.

My recent trip to Rome truly inspired me. Rome had such a positive effect on me, that I wish I had more time in the city not only to explore, but to also use that inspiration to create some beautiful content while I was over there. I can already tell that this inspiration will come to me again during my next scheduled upcoming trips and since I will have more time for everything, I will use it to my advantage.

I love photography and have just recently started using a new camera, which was also my birthday gift. I have learned that I love creating images in their natural form and their natural light. I want to share with people places as they are in that moment.

I finally found myself in Travel. It has been the common denominator all my life. It’s something that always gave me a great joy, but I never realized, until recently, that this was also my purpose in life. Something that would make me content, happy and would fill up my heart with so much love, joy and passion.

This summer I really want to try out lots of different water sports and possibly get a diving certificate.

I already pretty much have the next 13 months of Travel planned out and I’m super excited about my travels 🙂

My Versatile Blogger Nominees are:

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I am an explorer, an adventurer & Travel is my constant. I have a wild curiosity to learn new skills as I go & meet fantastic interesting people on the road.

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