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Travel Countdown + My Porto Airbnb Apt in Detail + Airbnb Coupon


Only 2 more weeks left until I take off to Porto. I have showed you a little sneak peak of the apartment before and now you will get to see it in more detail.


The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom

The Kitchen

Living Room Area

Second Bedroom

My own personal bottle of Port, waiting for me in the living room 🙂 This will be perfect after a full day of flying

The Details

The Street

And as usual here’s a little treat for those of you who haven’t signed up with Airbnb yet: Your €24 off coupon at sign up

By the way, the apartment above costs only €40 per night 🙂 I was immediately drawn to the open space as I love lofts and I absolutely love wood floors.
All the Art details absolutely got my attention too. As I’m only bringing a carry on with me, I will most definitely use the washer and dryer provided in the apartment. There’s also an included Housekeeping service every 3 days during your stay. This place also has 5 Star Reviews for all the categories listed which is amazing! 🙂


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