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How Not to Book Flights, Missed Flight Cover & My New Trip Itinerary

I did a little post before on the benefits of booking several separate flights and saving tons of money this way while travelling. This of course is a great idea and you can indeed save tons of money like this, but you may encounter some issues along the way when booking flights like this, especially if you have several different tickets to keep a track of. I recently made a mistake on my own booking that has caused me some great concern, stress and inconvenience. First of all there is no direct flight available from Cyprus to Portugal yet, so whichever way I went about my booking, I was going to have a layover or two along the way. My thinking was at least I can have a layover on own terms, and make it as short as possible and save quiet a bit of money along the way by purchasing separate tickets. My plan didn’t quiet work that way, it backfired.

piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo, Milan

I bought a ticket from Larnaca, Cyprus to Milan, Malpensa with Easyjet. I also bought a second Easyjet ticket from Milan, Malpensa to Lisbon. My final ticket is with Ryanair from Lisbon to Porto, Portugal. My return tickets are from Porto to Brussels with Ryanair and then from Brussels to Paphos, Cyprus with Ryanair also. What I found out one day while looking at my emails closely, was that I had made an error. I was scheduled to arrive at Milan, Malpensa at 16:05 at Terminal 2 and depart from the same terminal for Lisbon at 16:40. Had I purchased the Missed Flight Cover that’s now offered by Easyjet, my error would have been a little less of a hassle to fix. So for everyone that’s using Easyjet you can now purchase the Missed Flight Cover which is very cheap, and their policy seems pretty awesome too. If you miss your flight up to 4 hours, even if it’s your own fault, they will get you on the next available flight free of charge or give you full refund back. I am attaching their little video bellow so you understand how the Missed Flight Cover works. You can only get the benefits of Missed Flight Cover when you purchase it with your ticket, you can’t purchase it after you have already purchased your ticket, so that’s something to keep in mind. For more information and details on that please visit this link.

My new itinerary includes a 25 hour layover in Milan and I plan to visit Piazza del Duomo, (pictured above) walk around a little bit and have some pizza. I’m excited that I get to visit Italy again, even if it’s a brief visit. This will be my 4th visit to Italy and second one this year already. I feel very comfortable in Italy by now.

As for Portugal, this will be my very first visit and now that everything is almost sorted out, I can get excited about my trip again. I will be posting on a daily basis from Porto so make sure you check out my blog soon again. I still have some upcoming posts to create from my recent trip to Rome and I will create a couple of posts on my little Porto bucket list too.


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