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Second Day in Rome: Trevi Fountain

If you have missed my previous 3 posts on the Second Day in Rome, you can read them here in this order:

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world and also one of the most romantic ones too. Currently the Trevi is going under a €2.2 million restoration which is funded by the Fendi fashion house and should be completed by Autumn 2015. I think a lot of people think of Paris first when they think of Valentine’s Day and where they would like to spend it with a loved one. I haven’t been to Paris yet, so I can’t possibly comment, but I will say that Rome would most definitely be my choice for romance.

You also don’t have to have a significant other to experience a romantic city. If you love to travel, you will most likely fall in love with beautiful and romantic Rome, just as I did. I would like to return to Rome later this year to see the beautiful Trevi Fountain completed. This is definitely on my bucket list now, but in case it’s not finished this year, I will then see it next year. I knew that Trevi fountain was large, but it wasn’t until I stood in front of it that I experienced just how enormous and magnificent it was. This is a masterpiece that everyone should see at least once in their life! In my case, it’s going to be on my list, every time I return to Rome, it’s going to be a tradition.




I’m sure most of you know about the Trevi Fountain coin toss tradition, throwing a coin into the fountain will guarantee your return to the Eternal City. You do however have to stand with your back facing the fountain so you are tossing the coin backwards and not while facing the fountain which doesn’t count. Surprisingly a lot of people around us din’t know how to do it the right way, and the security guides at the fountain site showed them how to do it correctly. Also since there was no water in the fountain due to restoration, most people tossed their coin from the bridge while inside the fountain area, but some actually tossed their coin in small water area provided specifically for this tradition purpose.

According to the same tradition, if you throw a second coin in, you will fall in love with an Italian and a third coin will have you marrying him or her. Of course attempting to toss a coin backwards in this tiny pool of water is a bit of a challenge, and you sort of have to do some calculations.
I decided that I will give 2 coins a go since I’m single, and mum, of course happily married attempted only one, to return to Rome. Mum went first, she threw her coin in, and the coin made it in the water easily. I threw my first coin in and it made a little “ploop” sound is it went in. I missed the second coin somehow, and I honestly cannot remember if I didn’t throw it hard enough, or if it ended up landing on the metal ledge on the back behind the water.












  1. benedettaluce says

    Oh, it’s sad to see the restoration is still going on and will not be completed soon. My last trip to Rome was last summer, and I dragged my husband to see the fountain, knowing how beautiful it was, and the sight was a disappointment. Nevertheless, Rome is beautiful, and people who will visit til Autumn 2015 will still have lots of other wonders to enjoy. Thanks for the post btw, getting reminded of Rome always cheers me up! 🙂

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