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Pastel de Nata: Portuguese Custard Tart

We are having another rainy day here Porto today. It’s been raining almost all day long, but I didn’t let the rain keep me indoors. About 20 minutes after I left the apartment, I saw that my camera batteries were low. I turned back around to grab 4 AA batteries from the apt, when I noticed this cute little coffee shop on the corner of the street. I took a peak at the window display and thought that now would be a perfect time to try the famous Portuguese Custard Tart. I got it to go and had a first bite back at the apt.

The Nata shares some similarities to a Profiterole, however I find the profiterole cream much lighter and subtle in taste, whereas the Nata is quiet rich in taste, has thicker consistency and is sweeter. The pastry itself is very similar to a pie. This delicious little gem of a pastry should most definitely be on your must try list when in Portugal. Pasteis de Nata is also called Pasteis de Belem because that’s were it originated from. Click bellow to read all about the origins of this yummy dessert.


After the yummy nata, I headed back outside for some more exploration and some more photography. I knew it would be very foggy by the river and I wanted to take the opportunity to capture a different feel of Porto.

When I arrived back at the apt building, I ran into the nice lady that cleans the apartments in the building. She came by briefly to change my bedding, set new towels out and empty the kitchen trash. I’m getting  ready to watch the live FC Porto VS Sporting Lisbon football match. The game is played here in Porto, at the Estádio do Dragão which is not too far away from my apt. The colder weather today and the rain made me crave something sweet so I made a little picnic assortment earlier of Chocolate, Tawny Port and Coffee. I finished the coffee and had some chocolate along with it, and I will enjoy the glass of tawny Port with the game.




    • This was my first time trying them, although I’ve seen them in London, I wanted to actually have my first one in Portugal 🙂 They are definitely delicious!


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