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100 Days of Sunshine turns 6 Months Old!

Wow, it’s been half a year already? Seems like time just flew.
Exactly 6 months ago I set up this blog on WordPress and my first post was published on the 15th of September. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and this blog has brought me nothing but happiness, but now I’m starting to think about monetization.

About 4 months in, sometime in January, a friend of mine came to me and asked me to set up a fun Weekend Birthday Itinerary for her and her husband somewhere in Europe, which I would actually be paid for. This was my first gig offer, and I remember how excited I was about it. I think that any person that finds themselves in a field they feel so passionate about would at first feel slightly awkward and surprised to be paid for something they madly love to do.

When I first started researching Travel Blogging last year, I noticed thatsuccessful travel bloggers suggested attending Travel Blogging Events. This was in the very early stage, because I started looking at Travel Blogging events in October and by beginning of November after getting an email from TBEX about their TBEX Europe 2015 event Iimmediately jumped on that and purchased an event ticket. TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Europe takes place in beautiful Costa Brava, Spain this year and I’m really looking forward to this awesome event. My next task is to create business cards and I’m currently working on that.

Here are just a few current statistics for this baby blog:

  • 40,500+ Hits
  • 500+ Followers
  • Viewers in 140+ Countries
  • 750 Posts Published
  • 560+ Comments

There will be a lot of changes coming up on this blog that I’m currently working on which is really exciting. 🙂
Happy 6 months and I’m very much looking forward to the next 6 months of this incredible journey!

Kisses from beautiful Cyprus 🙂

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