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Porto in Photos

I found Porto extremely charming and beautiful, and I took tons of photos of the city. I decided to do little Porto in Photos segments to show the city to you.
I will usually do a photo post consisting of about 10 or 15 photos with a short description on the photos.

I travelled to Porto without a city guide, and if you read a little on the city, you won’t need one either. I didn’t even take a map with me. You will get a free map at the airport which is pretty nice. My Airbnb host had 2 more maps for me at the apt as well.

Porto is a great city to explore on foot, so for your stay I suggest something in the city center, that way you are close to all the sights.
If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the Comments section bellow and I will answer them for you 🙂


The name of this road is Av. Dom Alfonso Henriques.
Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados church is the blue tiled church at the end of the road and São Bento train station is on the right


The beautiful Sé Catedral of Porto



View from the Cathedral



Street bellow the Dom Luís I Bridge


View from one of the side wall windows


Dom Luís I Bridge


Rabelo boats that transport Port


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