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A Beach Day in Matosinhos, Portugal

I’m adding a video from my beach day in Matosinhos bellow as well as more photos from the day. The name of the Castle by the sea in the photo is Castelo do Queijo which translates to Cheese Castle 🙂 It got the name from the giant rock the castle was built on that resembled a giant piece of cheese. It is also known as Forte de São Francisco Xavier. It was designed by Miguel l’Ecole and completed in 1661.

Due to the weather conditions, there weren’t many people at the beach in this particular area at the time. A Spanish couple was right behind me, and the gentleman asked me to take his photo at the beach by these interesting rocks, while his wife waited up for him on the road with an umbrella. As I approached the Castle, it got a little busier. There were some tourists there, a guided tour, a young group of people at the beach, as well as a few couples exploring the rocks and the beach area bellow.

The weather conditions weren’t ideal for the beach, but when you are a new explorer in an unfamiliar territory it’s all interesting no matter the weather. I think the mist and the fog definitely added some interesting elements to the photos, that would otherwise look compeltely different. The video bellow is from the first area of the beach I covered after my visit at Praia do Titan Café. If you missed the first Beach Photos, you can check them out here: A Beach Day in Matosinhos













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