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BEST OF 2015

Half a year has already gone by, how crazy is that? I visited some new countries and cities this year & so far my Travel Adventures have been awesome!

At the moment I have no new travel plans set just yet, as I am now in a money making mode. I will definitely take one or two small trips before the end of the year, then one in January for my birthday again as well as April and then Stockholm in July 2016 for TBEX Europe.

The next new cities I plan to visit are: Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Lisbon & Stockholm.

Let’s get to the list of Favorites for 2015 – Highlight the photo for further information
I am not including Cyprus on the list because I am making a separate Best Of Cyprus Post.


  1. Awesome post! Love your images! I may not be ready for world travel just yet, but in less than a month, hubby retires from his work and we already have four trips planned! One is without him (family wedding/pro bono photo shoot for me; still trying to talk him into going with me), one is a fun little jaunt up into the mountains, one is a coastal road trip all the way down to Southern California, and the last trip for this year will be for winter storm watching on the Washington State coast. We love watching the squalls come in off the ocean! Next year, we’ll see where we go! All that is interspersed with little fishing jaunts (salmon and crab season are opening very soon!) and sailing on Mondays! Keep your images coming!

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    • Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos and the post. I love your little trips – they sound like a lot of fun. California is so beautiful. I would love to explore more of it in the future for sure! Looking forward to your blog posts as well 🙂

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      • Growing season, fishing season, travelling season…..Yeah! Lots of mega-changes! Hubby has decided to invest in my photo gallery, as well. We’re building that slowly, one month at a time. So, yeah! It’s certainly not the kind of retirement where we just sit and watch TV or maybe just go out to dinner weekly. It’s another busy but fun chapter in our lives! I’ll get something posted soon! Also planning on creating another site JUST for images. Simple, with no huge stories. So many to share!


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