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My first EPIC Skydiving Adventure with Skydive Empuriabrava

A few months ago, a list for TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) pre-tours was posted online and I just happened to be online at the time. I was a bit bummed out prior because I missed out on an opportunity for some of the pre-tours already.

There were 15 new tours set for May 3rd and I quickly scanned through them and one surely stood out from the rest. I managed to quickly reserve a spot for myself on this exciting tour that was only accepting seven members in total. Within an hour or two, the tour had all seven members on board. Now, what really stood out about this trip was the 10am Skydiving session. SKYDIVING!!! When I read this word on paper, the adrenaline rushed through me and I just couldn’t contain myself. The other tours included hiking, visiting a fishing village etc, absolutely nothing was as exciting or thrilling or even close in adventure to skydiving. The funny thing is Skydiving wasn’t even on my Bucket List, and I didn’t even think it would be something I would want to do, until I saw it on paper.

Because this is one of the most popular Skydiving centers in Europe, we were all notified via email that Skydiving will take place at 9am, an hour earlier than originally scheduled. The taxi van was picking us up from Lloret De Mar at 7:30am and my alarm was set for 6:30am that morning. We had the TBEX Closing Party the night before and I’m pretty sure we all ended up going to sleep pretty late. The next morning I woke up, put some comfortable clothes on, grabbed my camera bag and map and headed out to find the taxi meeting spot first. Since I arrived early, I headed for the beach first. Lloret in early morning is pretty much a ghost town. It’s like a completely different place. No doubt all the party goers were sound asleep in their hotel rooms above. The beach was the same, serene and chill.

Soon after all seven of us arrived at the meeting point, met our driver and headed north for Empuriabrava. An hour later we arrived in Empuriabrava, met our tour guide and headed to the Skydiving center.

We all grabbed a little snack and coffee before we headed inside the building to sign some papers before our jump. This is where we also received our free Skydive Empuriabrava t-shirts 🙂 After that we met up with our instructors where we received quick basic training for the jump. At this point, I am still feeling pretty calm and I’m totally relaxed. Soon, we were 4000m above ground and it was time to jump. The only time I felt nervous was those few seconds looking directly above the ground right before the jump.

My Skydiving Experience was absolutely incredible! It’s such an amazing feeling to be floating in the air while overlooking such beauty down bellow all around you. Skydiving for me was a calm and chill experience, and I truly loved it! I felt super comfortable, happy and lightweight. Each one us had our own personal camera guy jump with us as well. In the video you will see that I try to blow a kiss at 4.48 minute mark but I couldn’t move my arms that far which was pretty funny. The landing was also super smooth and fun and couldn’t have been better. I also got pretty lucky as I had a great instructor who showed me  a few tricks to make my jump super comfy.

I highly recommend that you try Skydiving at least once in your life, because the experience will totally surprise you and you will remember your first jump forever! If you are interested in Skydiving in Empuriabrava, take a look at the Skydive Epuriabrava website for more info and their price list.

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  1. That’s so awesome! While I have definitely been pushing myself to confront a lot of my fears lately, I would be afraid that I would chicken out on sky diving. Looks pretty awesome though.

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    • I loved it! 🙂 It’s such a great experience & definitely worth a try at least once! But it’s also super addicting too & I can see why now

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