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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Barceló Sants

1. The Super Fun Sci-Fi Design

If you love Star Wars or Star Trek or any Sci-Fi movie or TV show then you will absolutely love the futuristic design of Barceló Sants. It truly feels like you are somewhere in space on a cool spaceship.

2. They Will Feed You Chocolate

You had me at…Chocolate. Seriously who doesn’t love Chocolate? The giant Chocolate bar bellow lasted me for days!

3. They are Eco-friendly

eco friendly

4. Beautiful Room Design with Clean Lines



5. They’ve got your Beauty necessities Covered

Forgot something at home? No problem! Barceló has you covered.

6. Amazing Views of Barcelona from every Window



View from Room #644

View from Room #644


View of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

7. Perfect Quiet Room for Work

Need to get some work done? No problem! There’s a beautiful desk in the room right in front of a giant window with tons of natural light. There are also lots of wall plug-ins for your tech gadgets.

8. Transportation

Need a taxi? No problem! They are located right outside the hotel. Another great bonus? Underneath the hotel is the Barcelona Sants Metro and Train Station. Here you can catch a train to the Airport or anywhere else you want to go to.


9. Super Comfy Bed

You will love sleeping on this super comfy large bed. The giant pillows are another great feature.

10. Great Location

The hotel has a great location and some really nice nearby attractions. The National Art Museum of Catalonia is nearby, as well as Greek Theatre Gardens and of course the famous Stadium of FC Barcelona, Camp Nou. Because the Metro station is right bellow you, everything is pretty close by. 🙂

For more information on the Hotel head over to their official website: Barceló Sants Website

Hotel Address: Plaça dels Països Catalans, s/n Barcelona, Spain
Phone Number: +34 935 03 53 00

Hotel Coordinates: Latitude: 41 22′ 45.49″N Longitude: 2 8′ 23.64″E



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