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4 Hours of Water Sports followed by 1 Amazing Spanish Lunch!

I was super excited for the second day of our A Different Barcelona tour because we had Water Sport activities on our schedule. This was one of the main reasons why I picked this tour! The itinerary said that we would try out one of the following water sport activities: Paddle Surfing, Kayaking or Sailing. I wanted to try out sailing.

Our lovely tour guide picked us up with our tour bus up from our hotel early in the morning and we headed toward the Barcelona Olympic Port. We arrived at Vela Barcelona where we were about to try not 1 but 4 different Water Sport activities, each lasting 1 hour long! I was completely insanely excited about this as I love water sports and generally being in water. The water at the time (beginning of May) was still on the cold side, but we were provided with awesome wet suits.

Barcelona Olympic Port

Barcelona Beach

Paddle Surfing
As I predicted, I was horrible at paddle surfing. Balancing on that board was a challenge for me. I managed to stand up a couple of times within an hour and paddle just a little before I fell off, again! After paddle surfing alone, we did this fun group paddle on this giant board which was more fun as I managed to actually stand up and paddle around a bit. An hour of kayaking was absolutely amazing as I love this water sport! We paired up in couples and had a few kayaking competitions. To win the 2nd place me and Steve Hänisch from Back-Packer.org tipped our kayak and although we lost, falling in the cold water was super fun and refreshing. Sadly his GoPro was turned off during that moment.

Olympic Port

The last water sport activity was sailing and this was absolutely incredible! I actually got to sail the boat myself which was super fun and made me think that I would like to have my own sailboat to sail the Mediterranean with in the future.

Olypmic Port Barcelona

Our water sport instructors were absolutely amazing! I highly recommend anyone visiting Barcelona to go ahead and view Barcelona from the water too, it’s a complete different experience. At Vela Barcelona you have an option of renting equipment with or without instructor and their prices are great too! They also have locker rooms where you can safely leave your belongings and they have showers there too, so you can have a shower after your water sport activities and continue on with you day.

Vela Barcelona

Address: Moll de Gregal, S/N, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 932 25 79 40

After our fun and active morning, we were all ready for lunch. El Cangrejo Loco is conveniently located next to Vela Barcelona so we didn’t have to travel far for lunch. We already knew that we were having a traditional Spanish seafood paella, so we knew lunch would be delicious. From outside the restaurant looked pretty simple and I was a little surprised to find just how beautiful and stylish it was once we got inside.

El Cangrejo Loco


ECL inside

ECL outside

Originally the staff of the restaurant prepared a beautiful table for us outside (pictured above) but due to wind and a light sprinkle of rain, we were seated indoors. The views from the restaurant, inside and outside are absolutely stunning!

View from ECL

Bellow are some of the food items that I’ve enjoyed during this lunch starting with vegetable and seafood appetizers. They also brought special gluten free bread rolls for me. I can highly recommend this restaurant to anyone with Celiac disease or Gluten allergies. The staff was absolutely incredible! They really took amazing care of us and very really friendly and super nice! I would always revisit a place again and again if they offer great hospitality because you truly can never forget how someone makes you feel.

We enjoyed Spanish wine along with our seafood lunch and  had coffee and dessert after. The main dish was a delicious traditional seafood paella and for dessert they brought out amazing Coconut Ice Cream for me. It sounds so simple and yet I can honestly say it was out of this world good! Coconut is one of my favorite flavors so they really read mind with that one.






Olympic Porto photo

El Cangrejo Loco

Address: Port Olímpic, Moll de Gregal, 29 – 30, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 932 21 17 48

E-mail: cangrejo@elcangrejoloco.com

Special thanks to Barcelona Turisme  for organizing this incredible 3 day tour for us and our amazing tour guides who are absolutely incredible!


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