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Wellbeing Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic week wherever you are in the World! I would love to hear where you are and what the weather is like in your current location so please feel free to post your replies below in the comment section.

I am currently in Limassol, Cyprus which also happens to be my favorite city on the island! I will go into why in another upcoming blog post. Below is what the weather looked like right here at 2pm. August is the hottest month on the island and for this reason, it’s very common for locals to take an entire month of August off for vacation.

Limassol Weather

35.8°C = 96.44°F

We were promised a mild summer this year, and I hope I’m not speaking too soon on the matter, but so far so great! We had 2 heatwaves here so far, one in June and one yesterday that started early on Monday. The highs for the past 2 days were about 38-39C here in Limassol which is definitely a lot, but it didn’t feel crazy hot outside and it was perfect beach weather! I think I just may have found a way to beat the system this year and so far it’s working great for me.

Last year I suffered from extreme daily migraines and insomnia during August so it was definitely not a month I was looking forward to this year. I also had a couple of extra kg or lbs on me after moving from London to Cyprus. For some reason my body does funny things if I go over about 60kg (or 132 lbs)

This year I’m healthier and lighter and that’s definitely helping me cope with the heat easier. As for summer eating, I always crave healthy fresh usually cold food, so lots of fruits and vegetables, natural fruit smoothies, plenty of water, and cooked veggie meals that are cooled off. I have also opted on not using the AC and my fan use is absolutely minimal. I am totally embracing the weather elements instead of working against them. Oddly enough I love sweating now!

This entire month, I am will be creating weekly blog posts on Wednesdays that focus on Well-being. Each week I will be sharing with you a post on what I’m doing on Wednesdays to increase my overall well-being and create more balance. I might even add other cool things I’ve done throughout the week that also contribute to this aspect of my life. For example, yesterday, swimming and snorkelling were my workout activities and I finished my workout with a Mediterranean Meditation (Sitting in shallow water while listening to the sound of the waves and overlooking the Mediterranean horizon)

Mediterranean Meditation

Mediterranean Meditation Views

I am about to do 30 minutes of Hot Pilates. The humidity is rising and I’m already sweating while typing this so I figure why not get right into it. Below is a little sample from the DVD I am using today. I will include the DVD link on Twitter and my Facebook page. I love this workout! It has stayed with me throughout the years and countries.

It’s super light on the body, and it will leave you feeling great! I highly recommend this as a beginner workout or if you just want to tone up or lose a small amount of weight. It’s also great for those busy folks who seriously have very little time to spare throughout their weekly schedules. You also get a bonus Meditation Session on the DVD which is a great plus!

Let me know what you are doing in August to stay balanced and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next Wednesday – Sending you Peace, Love & Sunshine from Super Sunny Cyprus ☮ ♥ ☀


  1. Hey Jelena, here is the info from New Zealand! I’m currently in Auckland, rain is falling and it is 15 degrees 🙂 Enjoy your stay in Limassol. Happy travels!

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    • So happy to hear from you! Thanks for the Weather update 🙂 15C isn’t bad during Winter. Are you stuck indoors today then? That’s the only drawback of rain. Happy & Safe Travels ☀


    • Wow! Yes you are pretty much on our level almost 🙂 Very interesting to hear what the weather like is over there as I’m not familiar with summer weather in Latvia! Thanks for your reply 🙂


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