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LIVE view: Haboob from Syria covers Cyprus

Here’s a LIVE view of what’s happening outside my window right now.

Haboob is a wild dust or sandstorm, carried by a wild wind bringing in particles from the deserts. In fact if you Google a Haboob, you will get tons of images of sandstorms that took place in Central Arizona a few years back. I’ve experienced these first hand while living in Arizona and they are most definitely wild and sneak up on you very rapidly and cover the entire city.

This one over here in Cyprus is coming all the way across the sea from Syria and will stick around until the end of the week. The storm is just growing wilder but in slow motion compared to the Arizona’s wild sandstorms. If this is happening in your area, you should definitely head inside if you have any sort of respiratory conditions.

Back in Arizona, we used to go outside & stand in the streets and just observe any sort of weather spectacle with pure excitement (along with the summer monsoons.) I’m pretty sure I have AZ haboob photos somewhere on my hard drive. 🙂

dust storm


  1. I remember these! One time it hit pretty bad when we where in high school. You remember? It was so strange waking up and seeing orange!

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