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Why I Don’t Own A Smart Phone

Earlier this year, sometime during Spring, my Smart Phone decided to quit on me. It just completely flatlined. Just like the next person, my first thoughts were OK What Phone Should I get Next? I always take my time to make a legit decision as I do my research & don’t really rush into anything, but this question has still not been answered…

Of course at first it’s sort of weird not having a smart phone on you. I started using my old Nokia phone. It’s not a smart phone, but it’s still alive after all these years! After some time, I got used to using a simple phone.

The things that followed were definitely happy surprises that I hadn’t expected.
I started sleeping so much better! I remember the days when I had my iPhone, oh man! With all those notifications & cool blinking light notification and whatnot, I was always connected to my phone. I’m convinced that people who do not own an iPhone sleep a lot better and are less likely to develop insomnia.

Another amazing thing that happened is that now I am able to do things and be in the moment and completely take all of my surroundings in without distractions. Also because I work online and I’m working on Social Media Managing and I’m Blogging & Vlogging I love my free time away from all of these things. I need to disconnect, so that I can go back to work after. Of course I do bring my camera with me, and I will get video footage or photos or whatnot, but I don’t have a phone on me that’s blowing up every 2 minutes & I love that!

Maybe at some point, I will purchase a new smart phone but that probably won’t happen this year. I am very happy with my newfound freedom. I dare you to also take a day off from your smart phone or try an entire weekend away. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it too!

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  1. Bravo! I don’t own a smart phone either. I never had so I don’t know the experience of being freed from the distraction of such a device. We have one “burner” phone for taking on trips as a safety device and for brief contact since pay phones are more of a thing of the past. Although I’m prone to insomnia, anyway, still I’m glad I don’t have a glowing object near my head. The room needs to be dark for me! I’m glad you’ve discovered new found freedom. Welcome to the wonder world of reality and being in the moment. Love the share!

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  2. Good for you! Personally, I don’t think I could do it. Not because I actually get in contact with people, but because I always use my iPhone for capturing pictures. I only use that now. So I don’t think I could part with it. 😂


  3. DBA Mountaineer says

    Just a thought on this (if person not really hooked in any kind of social media) even you have smart phone, life still manageable. I’m an IT Professional but never really been addict to social media. I still filter stuffs that I read and ignore notifications if I do set it. It’s actually up to us how we engaged with our smart phones. Majority of the people in our time does really got dependent on it, even myself in some stuff but when I left it at home it’s not really a tragic day… good thought on this.

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    • I definitely agree that everyone has the right to select what’s right for them. Smart phones can definitely be a blessing for some. For me it’s hard to ignore messages, I always feel like I have to respond back asap.


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