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Miss Annie Rorick

Starting today, I have 4 great friends flying in to Cyprus for the next 4 months! How exciting is that?? When you travel & move around a lot, you make friends everywhere & I think that’s pretty cool. For me, if I have a good connection with someone & we click well, they will be my lifelong friend and I can say that I’m pretty lucky to have met some incredible people along the way. The only thing that’s different for Travellers is that you can’t just go meet up for coffee when you want to see them & catch up. We wait months, sometimes even years to collide again somewhere on this planet in an unknown location & then catch up, explore & get to know each other all over again. It’s an exciting life, because you keep meeting awesome people wherever you go 🙂

La Jolla, California – Summer 2011

Back to the VIP visitors now. First up is my great friend from Ohio, Miss Annie Rorick who is on her way over here & is currently flying across the Atlantic & landing in about 24 hours 🙂 She is staying from the 2nd to 12th October & I’m super excited about this! She has never been to Cyprus before & she is also celebrating her birthday here so we are going to have some fun girl time together & catch up on life, love, work & everything really. Last time we saw each other was back in 2011 when I visited her in San Diego & I have created mini posts on that here:

We will have a nice Airbnb Apt by the Sea all to ourselves. I will also get some Vlog footage since I’m aiming to head more into Vlogging direction soon. This does not mean I won’t be writing, I love writing so I’m not quitting writing, I am just spreading my wings into the Video World of blogging which is Vlogging. I have a true love for all things visual & video so I’m super excited about this!

Every month I will make a new VIP Visitor announcement here. Of course each of these visits will be completely different because of things we have in common & things that we like which I will get into as well. Annie & I are both single ladies ready to mingle and we both love EDM: Electronic Dance Music. I already found a few cool places & events we should check out together, so I’m looking forward to all of that! Make sure to follow me on these Social Media accounts as well, as sometimes I don’t have time to create a complete post so I go to Twitter or Facebook first. I have also just created awesome Pinterest Board Covers & you can view them below:

If anyone needs help with those, please feel free to get in touch with me. Best way to reach me is via email:

OK my Sunshine Lovers, that is all for tonight. Wishing everyone an amazing Weekend ahead wherever in the World you are! 🙂


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