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National Stress Awareness Day

All right guys, today I have something sweet and light for you for such a heavy day. You might have noticed the #NationalStressAwarenessDay media handle online today. Nov 4th is the National Stress Awareness Day and I’m here to let you know that you can 100% control your stress. You are the boss of your mind, body & soul, so please don’t let it control you.

You are more likely to be stressed out if you are living in a bigger city as opposed to let’s say a small beach town. If you’ve been feeling the stress lately, it might be time for an evaluation. Whatever area in your life is bringing you stress, change the situation around. Whether it’s the location in general, your job, significant other, friends,  or whatever else. Remember, you health should always come first, and nothing else matters as much.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with many aspects of your life, but don’t panic! If this is the case, then I’m going to give you some advice that my former flatmate gave me in London, which is: One thing at a time – If you have a lot going on, then organize what you gotta do and attack it head on one by one. You will instantly feel better, I promise!

When the stress creeps in, procrastination is your worst enemy, because things will only go downhill as they pile up. Being proactive about your circumstances will make you feel much better! When you are feeling anxious, it’s really important to control your breathing and heartbeat, which keeps your blood pressure intact. You can definitely outsmart the system and keep the stress at bay. Other cool things you can do to Beat the Stress:

  • Meditation
  • Running/Cardio/Dancing
  • Watch a Comedy/Comedy Movie
  • Have a laugh with you Friends
  • Listen to Jack Johnson
  • Have sex
  • Enjoy the great outdoors
  • Take a beach walk
  • Travel

Keep in my mind that things listed above won’t help you much if you are not taking care of your problems at the same time. You gotta do both! I hope this little post will be of some good use to you.

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Stress Free Day all around the World! ♥


  1. Such a great post! And all helpful tips! I know firsthand about stress and what it can cause to your mind, body and spirit. Thanks for this post! xx

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