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The Disease called Wanderlust

This is by far one of my favourite Travel Quotes. It sums up my life perfectly!

I was bitten by this special bug at a very early age. – Oddly enough, I didn’t see what was right in front of me, or in me for that matter, for a very long time.

Do you have Wanderlust? Chances are, if you have asked yourself this question, you have been bitten my friend. So what are some of the symptoms of Wanderlust?

  • You get bored easily
  • You seek a higher level of consciousness
  • Routine is not for you
  • You love meeting good people
  • You are a creative person
  • You are an extrovert
  • You understand the meaning of life & living
  • You follow your passions
  • You are spontaneous
  • You have urges you can’t explain
  • You go with the flow
  • You can change your mind very quickly
  • You have trouble with commitment
  • You crave adventure & excitement
  • You follow your heart
  • The weather & seasons can have an effect on you
  • You understand priorities
  • You make friends easily
  • You live for good moments
  • You collect moments, not things
  • You requite high level of stimulation
  • You know how to have a good time
  • You use your brain power wisely
  • You are a kind/nice person
  • You are a rebel & a risk-taker
  • You are unique
  • You probably have a high IQ
  • You understand facial expressions & hand gestures
  • You read people by their energy
  • You need to feel alive
  • You love the unknown
  • You think outside the box

The thing is though, once you find your true love & passion, (your calling) you pretty much, as the quote says, know the end of your life story. Until then, wanderlust will be pumping through you for good & if you are lucky enough to be infected by this beautiful disease, you my friend will have a very beautiful, fulfilled meaningful life that others may never be able to understand or get a glimpse of.

You are Wanderlust – It lives inside you.

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