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Fave Festive Holiday Coffee Drink

I absolutely love Seasonal Coffee drinks! My favorite one is the Winter Berry Latte from Caffe Nero – This drink is pure heaven in a cup! If you love the combination of whipped cream & espresso or even the taste of affogato, then you will absolutely love this!

The taste of thick fluffy and rich layer of whipped cream on top of the hot espresso from the latte is phenomenal! And that’s not all, the strawberry syrup on top is like a cherry on the cake – it really completes the drink. I finished this in about 5 seconds & I ordered the grande size. I sort of had a good feeling about this one.

I highly recommend the Winter Berry Latte to everyone and anyone that has Caffe Nero in their city, or even to those who are travelling to the following Caffe Nero locations:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • USA
  • Cyprus

Winter Berry Latte at Caffe Nero


In US the Caffe Nero locations that I found are located in Boston and I’m adding the coffee shop address locations below for anyone interested to check this place & drink out.

Boston Caffe Nero Locations:

Caffe Nero
560 Washington St
+1 617-936-3432
Open until 9:30 pm

Caffe Nero

564 Tremont St
+1 617-982-7108
Open until 9:00 pm

Caffe Nero
733 Centre St
+1 617-477-3466
Open until 9:00 pm

Caffe Nero
360 Longwood Ave
+1 617-232-0426
Open until 8:00 pm

Guys, let me know what your fave Seasonal Holiday Coffee drink is. I’m curious to hear from you 🙂 Happy Holiday Season! 🙂


  1. Sounds creamy & yummy! Unfortunately Boston is a six hour drive from me!! Hopefully one day they’ll open a Caffe Nero near me 🙂 🙂

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  2. I don’t regularly latte’s but have them very infrequently as a treat. We have one roaster here in town called Honeymoon Bay….They make outrageously good latte’s and my favorite is always a mocha with dark chocolate! Keepin’ it simple….Then, I buy their burlap bags from the beans in the Spring for my hanging flower baskets (all twelve of them!).

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    • I almost never drink lattes, but picked this as it looked delicious on the menu & it’s really good. It’s not weak like most lattes, it has a good rich espresso taste 🙂 mmmm Mocha dark chocolate sounds delicious 🙂 Yum! Love it!


      • You and I seem to have some things in common! I was wondering, what do you use for a photo editor program? I just bought one, finally. Being a retired IT person, I’m very careful about my selections and tend not to buy with the masses.

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      • yeah definitely 🙂 which is cool – Canva is awesome for all sorts of things, but surprisingly I go with Fotor ( online – It’s very simple & I prefer that as I like the less is more approach, but it’s pretty awesome & has everything you need 🙂 Also it’s great for Design 🙂

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