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Day 4: Nissi Beach baby! :)

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We woke up early and took a long walk to our bus station that was taking us to the east side of the island. Apparently we stood at the wrong station, but I signaled the bus driver and luckily he stopped for us anyways. This was a good thing, since the next bus was coming 2 hours later.

We were taking the intercity bus this time which takes you from 1 town to another and since we were transferring buses to multiple destinations, we got the all day pass for €15. For the next 90 minutes we were chilling in the back seats of the bus. When we got to Larnaca, we made a quick video and changed buses and headed for Agia Napa.

Video: Heading to Agia Napa

Video: Nissi Beach

Our original plan was to have lunch at this awesome Mexican Restaurant in Agia Napa once we arrived there, but the restaurant was way too far away from the bus station, and we were beyond starving, so we just ate at Taverna Nissi at the Nissi Beach Resort which is of course is on Nissi Beach.

taverna nissi sign.jpgbeach view.jpgfood.jpgour yummy meal.jpgcalamari lunch.jpgNissi view.jpgNissi.jpgnissi again.jpgbeach 3.jpg

Video: Nissi Beach

Video: Greetings from Nissi Beach, Agia Napa

What’s awesome about Nissi Beach is that at the end of the beach they have a beach bar they plays awesome house music which is perfection when you are enjoying this stunning beach.

nissi sand.jpg

Because Nissi Beach was pretty crowded, we walked over to the little island off of Nissi Beach and stayed there for a while. I wanted to do some cliff jumping on the island, but unfortunately it didn’t look very safe on this particular day. The surface on this island is pretty crazy – kinda looks like you are on the moon. 🙂

nissi beach selfie.jpgisland.jpgcool rocks.jpg

Later as people were leaving, we went over back to the other side – back on Nissi Beach. We took a few photos and as the sun was setting we were preparing to hop on our bus again as we had a bit of ride back to the apt.

sand castle.jpgbeach wave 2.jpgblue.jpgheart rock.jpgsunset 4.jpgsunset 5.jpg

When we got back to the apartment we showered and got ready for our night out. Mondays are quiet here, so we just walked over to the Royal Apollonia Hotel and enjoyed a drink on their terrace. One gentleman asked us if we were lost and if needed some Euros – we both found that pretty funny. It was Annie’s birthday after midnight. 🙂






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