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Day 9 Part 4: Aphrodite Hills Resort & Aphrodite’s Rocks at Sunset

After our lunch at Kouklia Village we headed for Aphrodite Hills Resort. This place is huge and has tons of beautiful properties for sale and rent. One of the houses had a Libra sign on it, so I took photos of mum and Annnie in front of it since they are both libras. We also noticed a church on the way and stopped by to take some more photos. The church dates back to the 12th century.

After our little tour of the Aphrodite Hills Resort, we enjoyed drinks on the sunset terrace upstairs. I ordered tea for my sore throat, which helped a bit. Our last stop of the day trip was stopping by Aphrodite’s Rocks at sunset to touch the rocks and make a wish.

libra.jpglibra house.jpgflowers.jpghouse 2.jpghouse.jpgchurch 4.jpgchurch.jpgchurch 3.jpgme.jpgannie 2.jpgwindow 2.jpgflowers.jpggrounds.jpgfor golfers.jpgoutside.jpgoutside pool.jpgpool 2.jpgbig pool.jpgpool.jpgwedding.jpgrestaurant.jpgrestaurant 3.jpgrestaurant 2.jpgmini waterpark.jpginterior.jpgdesserts.jpgsign.jpgsunset bar.jpgsunset.jpgannie.jpgtea.jpg

I found a couple of photos of Aphrodite’s Rocks from our earlier pass by stop that were in my camera so I’m adding those below. The sunset later was crazy cool. I made a video of it which is also below.

aph rocks.jpgaph rocks 2.jpgbeach rocks.jpgrocks 2.jpg

VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks

VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks

VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks Sunset

rocks.jpgannie wish.jpgwish.jpgsunset photos.jpgcool sunset.jpgfiery sunset.jpgsunset and waves.jpg

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