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A Little Bit of Photography: B&W London

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve just started the A Little Bit of Photography series. You will be able to find all photo series under the Photography tab on my home page.

There are many days when I can’t use words, or to be more precise the right words. It’s not a block per se, but more like an extreme challenge where I just try to force myself to pick the right words to compose simple sentences which flow freely in my head, but just don’t make sense when they come out. Knowing that I’m just gonna waste a few hours achieving what isn’t going to come out right, sometimes I turn to music and photography. Painting would also be another option as well, although I haven’t focused as much on that lately.

But never mind all that, let’s get back to photography. Here are some more Black & White photos from different parts of London. I will have another B&W photo post coming up which will be more on objects, still life, signs etc. I hope you enjoy these and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment section below.

All London related photos were taken sometime from 01.10.2012 – 14.06.2014

Natural History Museum.jpg

Natural History Museum

The City of London.jpg

City of London

Notting Hill.jpg

Notting Hill



Wembley Stadium.jpg

Wembley Stadium

on Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge



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