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Guaba Red Sunday w/ Matisse & Sadko & YVES V

Last Saturday during my mini work break I received a notification that I won a VIG package from Guaba Beach Bar – that’s a sofa & a bottle of Guaba Nectar for me & 8 people. I was so excited especially since I had the Sunday off & was planning to head over there for their amazing Red Sunday DJ line-up.

This was my first ever DJ show at Guaba Beach Bar which is by the way the #13 Best Club in the World. The rule was everyone wears RED otherwise you aren’t allowed in. The highlights of the line-up were Matisse & Sadko & of course the amazing YVES V.

The place quickly flooded with people in red & the music & the atmosphere kept on getting better and better. Below are photos from this amazing event.

VIGGuaba 1Guaba 2.jpgGuaba 3.jpgGuaba 4.jpgGuaba 5.jpgGuaba 6.jpgGuaba 7.jpgGuaba 8.jpgGuaba 9.jpgGuaba 10.jpgGuaba 11.jpgGuaba 12.jpgGuaba 13.jpgGuaba 14Guaba 15.jpgGuaba 16.jpgGuaba 17.jpgGuaba 18.jpgGuaba 19.jpgGuaba 20Guaba 21.jpgGuaba 22.jpgGuaba 23Guaba 24.jpgGuaba 25.jpgGuaba 26Guaba 27.jpgGuaba 28Guaba 29Guaba 30Guaba 31.jpgGuaba 32.jpgGuaba 33.jpgGuaba 34

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