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How Important Is The Accommodation For Your Vacation?

You might be forgiven for thinking that there are two different kinds of vacationers. There are those that consider themselves travelers. They can spend months at a time trying to fulfill their wanderlust. And there are those that consider themselves holidaymakers, keen to escape their mundane lives. They’re looking for something indulgent, exciting, relaxing, and different for a week. But it’s not just the duration of time away from home that identifies the kind of vacationer you might be.

Airbnb Porto

Porto Airbnb

Porto, Portugal Airbnb

For some, the experiences and the exotic far outweigh any need for comfortable beds and accommodation. They want to meet people from other cultures. They want to experience the foods, the smells, the weather, and even the landscapes. Where they rest their heads at night is secondary to this. They might choose to camp in a tent, or spend the night at a kind stranger’s family home. It’s about immersing themselves into a culture they haven’t discovered yet.

Others may be looking for something they can’t get at home. They want opulence, luxury, incredible weather, five-star cuisine, and amazing service. This kind of holidaymaker wants to leave the dull, mundane, and routine behind. Instead, they want to be pampered, cared for, and indulged. No mess or cleaning, no cooking or tidying, and definitely no laundry!

Of course, there are many other types of vacation that are popular. Camping or road trips in an RV or campervan are taken with this kind of basic, rugged accommodation in mind. There are some forms of accommodation in the world that make the entire holiday. Glass igloos or ice hotels have a certain appeal. You don’t mind what else the vacation may offer so long as you get to experience this unique accommodation for yourself.

St. Petersburg, Madeira Beach KOA, Florida


For the vast majority of us, the accommodation can still form an important part of the vacation experience. Many people look for vacation rentals in towns and cities. Budgets rarely stretch to expensive city center hotels. Vacation rentals can provide more freedom and offer a wider variety of facilities. Self-catering accommodation can be preferred. It’s easier sometimes if you have a special diet or the kids are with you.

The Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature at MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Of course, staying in a luxury resort with spas, gyms, first class dining and great entertainment could be your dream vacation. The big casinos of Vegas are typical of this kind of accommodation. The local culture, the landscapes, and even the local neighborhood may be of no interest whatsoever. The entire vacation can be spent in the resort. And the holidaymaker can feel completely fulfilled.

Caesars Palace.jpg

Everybody is different. What may be a bucket list holiday of a lifetime for one person could be the holiday from hell for another. But it may also be said that a vacation is what you make of it. If you seek lots of activities and experiences, it can make a vacation memorable. It’s rare for every vacation to be perfect from start to finish. Sometimes the journey isn’t great. Other times the accommodation may be less than ideal. But if you start as you mean to go on, it can still be an enjoyable break away.


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