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Magic of Mykonos

I should probably start by saying that no other location so far cast a spell on me quite like Mykonos. But let’s start at the beginning of this journey. Mykonos was not my first destination choice for this holiday. It was actually third on my list.

How it all started

I purchased a ticket way back in March for a different Greek island – Crete, but throughout the summer, I’ve been told that even though Crete was great for beaches, there was not much else to do there.

Then Santorini came to mind, but after some research I realized that 1 week trip would be pretty expensive & I was interested in cutting my travel costs in half.

Mykonos was that perfect combination of everything I was looking for & accommodation was way cheaper than Santorini.

The dates were set in place, ticket purchased, apartment booked & so the countdown began. I was travelling with a girlfriend from London. She picked the dates, I picked the location. She was flying in to Athens first for the weekend, then meeting me in Mykonos on Monday. This was September by the way, when high season was over but there was still a level of vibrant life on the island.

Love at first sight

Mykonos was for sure love at first sight for me, but not like Rome, New York or Vegas, this was way better! I remember saying “I love this place so much” for the first 3 days non stop! Everything was white, fresh, beautiful, vibrant & chill at the same time. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. The energy of the island is absolutely beautiful. There is simplicity, beauty & good vibes everywhere. It’s refreshing & breathtaking at the same time.

Mykonos is Expensive!

I have been warned by a few people that Mykonos is very expensive & yes part of that is true, because prices are way higher at a lot of places, but you can also make it a budget trip which isn’t hard to do, especially if you are in a group.

You will find that things like beach beds, shisha and drinks are crazy high at a lot of popular tourist places, but you can also find much cheaper, deals & free options at different locations or nearby.

There are also many beautiful beaches which you can enjoy for absolutely free, just bring your beach towel with you and park it for free.

Location, Location, Location

I wasn’t renting a car for this trip, so I picked Mykonos town as our base location. This is in my opinion the place to be. If you love people watching, this is your spot. If you love shopping, your #1 place. If you simply want to be close to all the Instagramable hot spots, cool restaurants & nightlife, this is for sure your spot! Bonus: Everything is walking distance! The buses in Mykonos are awesome! They run really late & they are pretty cheap so this was our go to transportation option.

Island Time

For me, the time stood still in Mykonos. That 1 magical week felt like a month, except it felt more timeless than that. There is just no logical way to describe it as it’s something you just gotta experience for yourself!

Favorite Moments

The entire trip is my favorite moment! I love how everything in Mykonos unfolds naturally. It truly is the best way to experience the island without too much planning ahead.

Apart from Wednesday 12th September plans, the entire trip went like this: We woke up & made an outline of what we would do that day & then we went for it & sometimes plans changed a little along the way & sometimes we followed them as planned.

It is best to go with the magic of Mykonos flow!

List of Places Visited on this Trip:

  • Lohan Beach House, Kalo Livadi Beach
  • Little Venice
  • The Windmills
  • Caprice
  • Baos
  • Semeli
  • Galleraki
  • Nice n Easy
  • Kostas
  • Il forno di Gerasimo
  • Old Port
  • Guapaloca
  • Tropicana
  • Jimmy’s Gyros
  • Magic Beans
  • Paradise Beach
  • The Big White Gallery
  • Popolo
  • Trio Bambini
  • Happiness
  • Kapopoulos Fine Arts
  • Lotus

Mykonos Bucket List for Next Trip:

  • Scorpios
  • 180º Sunset Bar (opens at sunset)
  • Liberty
  • Super Paradise Beach
  • Elia Beach
  • Platis Gialos
  • Cavo Paradiso
  • Buddha Bar
  • Paraga Beach
  • Jackie O
  • Scandinavian Bar

There’s a few more jotted somewhere in my notes, but I’m sure next time we will discover even more. Until next summer!

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