Author: Jelena

Magic of Mykonos

I should probably start by saying that no other location so far cast a spell on me quite like Mykonos. But let’s start at the beginning of this journey. Mykonos was not my first destination choice for this holiday. It was actually third on my list. How it all started I purchased a ticket way back in March for a different Greek island – Crete, but throughout the summer, I’ve been told that even though Crete was great for beaches, there was not much else to do there. Then Santorini came to mind, but after some research I realized that 1 week trip would be pretty expensive & I was interested in cutting my travel costs in half. Mykonos was that perfect combination of everything I was looking for & accommodation was way cheaper than Santorini. The dates were set in place, ticket purchased, apartment booked & so the countdown began. I was travelling with a girlfriend from London. She picked the dates, I picked the location. She was flying in to Athens first for …

Roma – A Photo Essay

First time I visited Rome was during my January 2015 birthday. Since then I have visited a couple more times. Rome is one of those cities you keep coming back to. I absolutely love the colors of this city, the people, the language, the FOOD! Everything about Rome is absolutely beautiful. This photographic blog post is from my most recent trip last month.  Food For Breakfast I would usually have some sort of a delicious pastry & coffee For Lunch, it was always pasta. My favorite restaurant is Trattoria da Enzo in Trastevere. I highly suggest you arrive at 12:30pm when lunch starts or earlier, because otherwise you will be waiting in line. The food is very fresh here & prices are excellent!  In Afternoon, I would usually have gelato! And I have concluded that Venchi is my favorite! Sometimes I also had Aperol Spritz which is a local favorite. I also tried Suppli for the first time which are fried balls made out of rice, tomato and cheese. They are very delicious & make …

5 Things they don’t tell you about the Ketogenic Diet

So I went Keto for 3 months & here’s what I found out: You hair is going to fall out & hair vitamins or collagen protein won’t help. This is due to lack of carbs. Your joints will hurt – Also due to lack of carbs. This happens during the first 2 weeks but does eventually go away. Electrolyte rich drinks help. You will get very bad breath – Yuck, yuck, yuck & what’s worse is you can’t really use gum or mints because they will throw you out of ketosis, unless they are sugar free and carb free. You can’t eat fruit – There are like probably 2/3 fruits that you can have & that’s it. I really missed fruit. You will get Keto flu or actual flu. I didn’t get Keto flu but I did get sick twice while on Keto diet, probably because I wasn’t eating any fruit (natural vitamins).        

How Important Is The Accommodation For Your Vacation?

You might be forgiven for thinking that there are two different kinds of vacationers. There are those that consider themselves travelers. They can spend months at a time trying to fulfill their wanderlust. And there are those that consider themselves holidaymakers, keen to escape their mundane lives. They’re looking for something indulgent, exciting, relaxing, and different for a week. But it’s not just the duration of time away from home that identifies the kind of vacationer you might be. For some, the experiences and the exotic far outweigh any need for comfortable beds and accommodation. They want to meet people from other cultures. They want to experience the foods, the smells, the weather, and even the landscapes. Where they rest their heads at night is secondary to this. They might choose to camp in a tent, or spend the night at a kind stranger’s family home. It’s about immersing themselves into a culture they haven’t discovered yet. Others may be looking for something they can’t get at home. They want opulence, luxury, incredible weather, five-star …

Guaba Red Sunday w/ Matisse & Sadko & YVES V

Last Saturday during my mini work break I received a notification that I won a VIG package from Guaba Beach Bar – that’s a sofa & a bottle of Guaba Nectar for me & 8 people. I was so excited especially since I had the Sunday off & was planning to head over there for their amazing Red Sunday DJ line-up. This was my first ever DJ show at Guaba Beach Bar which is by the way the #13 Best Club in the World. The rule was everyone wears RED otherwise you aren’t allowed in. The highlights of the line-up were Matisse & Sadko & of course the amazing YVES V. The place quickly flooded with people in red & the music & the atmosphere kept on getting better and better. Below are photos from this amazing event.