The Great Bucket List

Live in Australia for a year


Sydney NYE Fireworks

sydney nye

Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef


Visit Antarctica


Caribbean Island Hopping


Northern Lights from Kakslauttanen’s Glass Igloo room in Lapland, Finland


Really explore entire South America


Visit every country in the Far East Asia & Live there for a while


Attend Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Hot Air Balloon Ride


Visit Santa at the North Pole


Explore every corner of Italy

explore italy 2

Attend a big music festival


Visit Paris with someone I love


Visit Morocco






Complete The Ultimate Bucket List

bucket list

Explore Portugal πŸ™‚

Visit Vancouver

Vancouver BC City Skyline at Dusk


Visit Dubai


Chill in Balearic Islands


Visit Malta


Visit Copenhagen


Explore Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Enjoy Bora Bora and the rest of French Polynesia

bora bora

Relax in Maldives


Antelope Canyon


Stay at Amangiri Resort in Utah


Hike to the bottom ofΒ Grand Canyon


Walk onΒ The Wave


Explore Monument Valley


White water rafting in Grand Canyon, Arizona


Learn to Sail & Sail Away to many beautiful destinations


Live on Rarotonga, Cook Islands for a month, or two, or more?


Travel to Miami, Florida πŸ™‚


Explore Florida Keys

FL Keys

Become fluent in Italian


Live in Rome for 2-5 years

rome 2

Go to Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA

Burning Man Festival


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  2. Lived in Western Australia for 15 months! I found Ningaloo Reef better than the Great Barrier reef – at the time (1985-86) because it was pristine and not over taken by tourism then. I don’t know how it is now. At that time, it was just the locals, military and the few Australian travelers on “walk about.” I don’t know what it’s like now. I was stationed up there for that time. Also saw the America’s Cup be reclaimed by us with the Stars and Stripes winning that event.

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    • Maddi says

      I live in Western Australia currently and I have been to Ningaloo Reef 3 times the last being 2014 and it’s still lovely as ever!

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      • Maddi, thank you for that update! I haven’t been over there since 1987…LOVED the diving aroung Ningaloo Reef and over in Exmouth Gulf! All great stuff! 2700 underwater hours worth!

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  4. travellerslifebehindthescenes says

    I love this post!πŸ’œ Hopefully I will be able to tick all of them off my bucket list as well. Cant wait to hear all about your big adventures planned for 2015.

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  5. Great comprehensive list. Also with your hot air ballooning, you should look up Cappadocia, Turkey. I have had so many friends do it, it looks amazing!! Turkey is such a beautiful diverse country!! Just amazing one of my favs!

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  7. Hi Jelena – ou my goodness, I could’t imagine Portugal is so beautiful! Friend of mine lived there for a year and now she says that it was brilliant. Thank you for sharing your bucket list, great ideas.
    – Ruta


    • Hi Ruta πŸ™‚
      Portugal is a beautiful country & I cannot wait to explore more of it. Next up is Spain so I will be posting lots of new photos & videos πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the big Bucket List πŸ™‚


  8. Your bucket list is amazing. Various challenges and places to enjoy. I live in the far east, and I know that the experience will be different compared to other places you want to visit πŸ˜‰

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    • I’m really looking forward to my Far East future trips. Would love to be able to make to Travel Blog Exchange in Bangkok in October but I’m not sure yet if I will be able to go.

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  12. Cristina C. says

    I m in my 50s, and i travelled a lot, i was born in Italy, and even if i wish you to achive all your bucket list, realistically, some of these goals will take 20,30 years.
    Good luck, I hope you get to do it all

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  14. What a list!! Fantastic goals & so inspiring!! Malta, Paris and Maldives are lovely. A Santa visit is always a must!! I wish you the best with accomplishing the most out of it!! πŸ™‚ Marianthi, xo


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