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Sweet Sundays

Hey guys, hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday. It rained here in my town of Limassol, so I decided to have a lazy Sunday at home. Eventually the sun graced us with its presence and I was happy again. This Sunday I’m starting a new post called Sweet Sundays. I will be creating posts on desserts all over the world. Some I’ve had before, and some are on my list to try. I’m starting with a local Traditional Coconut Cacao dessert from Cyprus. Surprisingly I’ve never had it before, but I’ve seen it around in most grocery stores. I decided to buy it and make a little post about it. Most local desserts are quiet sweet so I expected this to be too sweet, but it’s actually quiet nice. It tastes a lot like the Bounty bars, but not as sweet. The chocolate coconut ratio is also different from the Bounty bars. There’s more coconut here, and less chocolate. I am really enjoying these treats, just had 3 actually while writing this. They would be …

Brick Lane Sundays

Early history The Truman Markets originally developed in the 17th century as a lone farmers’ market that was held on Sundays due to religious observances by the area’s then-prolific Jewish community. During the 20th century, the Brick Lane area experienced an influx of Bangladeshi immigrants who transformed the marketplace. Even today, Brick Lane is very famous for its curry houses.