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Braga’s Beautiful Churches: Photos and a short Video

What makes Braga so enchanting are the city’s beautiful majestic churches. Braga is a small city but surprisingly it holds a large number of churches in its quaint little downtown area. Each one is unique in its own right, and their architecture is just incredible! In this post, I’m highlighting two of Braga’s beautiful churches. The first one is Igreja de Santa Cruz which was built in the 17th century and the second church is Igreja de São Marcos or Igreja do Hospital which was built in the 18th century. Both churches have Baroque architecture and they are right next to each other. Please watch the video in HD for best viewing 🙂 Igreja de Santa Cruz Igreja de São Marcos – Igreja do Hospital

Beautiful Braga Photo Post

Braga is a beautiful little city and it’s Portugal’s third largest city after Lisbon and Porto. You can get to Braga from Porto’s Sao Bento train station. The journey is about an hour and 20 minutes. If you are visiting Porto, and you have a week in the city, then I definitely recommend a day trip to Braga. Just like Porto in Photos, I will do Beautiful Braga photo posts with 10 photos on Braga as well. Hope you enjoy these 🙂 I travelled to Braga without a map as well and you can do the same. Once you get out of the train station, just walk straight up a few streets and turn right and the road will lead you to the city center. Also look out for street signs that display city attractions. There are large city maps in areas as well. You will have Wi-Fi at the city square area. Whatever you do, do not get on a bus. This is a city that should be explored completely by foot.

São Bento: The Most Beautiful Train Station in the World

While researching articles on Porto online, I came across the Sao Bento Railway Station quiet a few times. This train station is by far the most beautiful train station I have ever visited. It’s not a surprise that Sao Bento is always included in the World’s Most Beautiful Train Station lists. Everything about this place is incredible, and I have to say that it most definitely should be on your list when visiting Porto. It will surprise you, trust me! Even before you step inside this train station, the surrounding beauty on the main street is absolutely gorgeous. You have the beautiful Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados church to your right, amazing city architecture straight ahead of you and the majestic Se Cathedral of Porto to your left. But this is how Porto is, there is beauty in every direction. The beauty of this railway station carries out beyond the stunning azulejos tiles, which by the way the entire city is beautifully embellished with. Once you stroll through the large entry doors toward the trains, you will see glimpses of the …

Airbnb Finds: The Rustic Modern Tiny House

If you enjoyed my Tiny Houses post series then you will love this Rustic Modern Tiny House from Airbnb. This charming little house was built by the Airbnb hosts themselves and the space consists of just 350 sq ft. This charming beauty is located in Portland and the hosts hold a Superhost badge on Airbnb so you know you are in good hands with them. The price per night is €90. I also have a $20 off coupon for you when you sign up with Airbnb.

Tiny Houses Special: Tengbom Micro Dorms

College and high school students are embracing the tiny house concept with gusto. One of the leading architecture firms in Sweden is right behind them with a series of affordable, portable micro dorms that are also environmentally friendly. The “10 smart square” dorms are only 107 square feet, but feature lofts, kitchen, living and dining areas and an interesting use of cross laminated wood. Tengbom Architects is working in collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons, real estate company AF Bostäder and Lund University in Sweden to develop sustainable and smart housing for students. The first unit was on display in the Virserum Art Museum in 2013 and this year there will be 22 units available for students to move in. Cross laminated timber is an engineered wood building system designed to complement light- and heavy-timber framing options. Because of its high strength and dimensional stability, it can be used as alternative to concrete, masonry and steel in many building types. The process is popular in Europe and is growing in availability in the U.S. The benefits …