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Living On The Road – The New Nomads

Mobility is the ultimate new form of freedom: freedom from routine, traditional values, and geographic restraints. Today we are to more mobile than ever, it has become quite common to spend time in different countries, work in various places and explore the world by moving around. Living on the Road Nomadic Housing Options

Sale Alert: 15% off InterRail Global Pass Train Tickets

InterRail is currently having a 15% off sale on their Global Pass Tickets which let you explore 30 of Europe’s countries! For more details on this deal and prices head over here: InterRail Global Pass The countries included in the pass are the following:

Travel Journal: CafĂ© Duplo

On some days when I ran out of coffee at the apt, I would order CafĂ© Duplo while I was out exploring. It costs about €1.20 and it’s basically made of 2 espresso shots. I have mine with some sugar to balance out the strong flavour of espresso. Because I’m usually on the go, I ask if the coffee place has a to go cup first, so that’s my advice for you before ordering. I found such a place on my second attempt during my daytrip in Braga. It was about 4pm and I hadn’t had any coffee yet, and I desperately needed a little pick me up. At the first coffee shop, the lady told me in Portuguese that they didn’t have to go paper cups, just regular coffee cups for dining in. Then I walked a little further and just around the corner there was a pretty fancy looking coffee shop, that looked quiet expensive. I went inside and a couple of nice friendly lady baristas helped me out with the coffee to go dilemma. Surprisingly …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Location: Praia de Matosinhos, Matosinhos, Portugal To participate in this week’s photo challenge head over here Today was another rainy day in Porto. It’s no secret that I love sunshine, but when there’s no sun around, I go for the next best thing. Water is probably my second favourite thing after the sun. Originally I planned to save the beaches for a sunny day, but today I wanted a different experience, so I went over to the coast to visit the Atlantic Ocean. It most definitely has been a while. Last time I saw it was back in 2007 when I visited New York City during Spring Break. The following Spring Break, I was in Florida but I was on the other side, the Gulf of Mexico side, and while living in London, I visited Brighton but that’s the English Channel, so it most definitely has been a while since I’ve seen the Atlantic. I took Porto’s metro light rail all the way to Matosinhos. I got off at Matosinhos Sul and headed south to Praia de Matosinhos. …

10 Amazing Workaway Projects You Should Know About: How to Explore the World almost for Free

I will most definitely try out Workaway at some point in the near future. I love adventure and the unexpected and I get an enormous fulfilment by helping others so this is very much something I would enjoy a lot! Bellow is a link of a post I found on 10 amazing and super fun Workaway projects. How amazing are they? 😀 10 Amazing Workaway Projects You Should Know About

11 Essential American Road Trip Routes

For a detailed route description please click the link: I will upload my own Route 66 photos as well as my drive (move) from Columbus, Ohio to Phoenix, AZ, passing through Indianapolis, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, taking a detour via Texas because of January 2010 unexpected winter snow storm, back to Amarillo, Albuquerque, where I was so excited to have Pei Wei for lunch, entering AZ, my 1st AZ purchase, driving through Flagstaff down to Phoenix (night drive) & my 1st impression of AZ.