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June in Florida – A Photo Essay

In 2008, I spent Spring Break camping in Florida and I loved it so much that I returned back the next year during summer. I drove down to Florida with my boyfriend at the time all the way from Ohio. If you love beautiful beaches you have to visit the Clearwater Beach area. This is the website I used at the time: and it’s still my favorite website for this area. One place that’s not highlighted on the map is Fort de Soto park which should definitely be on your list. We stayed at the Madeira Beach KOA and rented a wooden lodge cabin. The campsite has a really great selection of all sorts of beautiful cabin lodges to choose from. There’s a nice swimming pool open all year round as well as a hot tub. We rented bikes and cycled the Pinellas Trail which can be reached directly from the campground. We kayaked the Long Bayou by the campground. They organize fun outdoor movie nights as well as other social events which ae a lot of fun. Since we had the car with us, we got …

Music of the World: Caribbean Week: Cuba

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend & a Warm Welcome to Caribbean Week! This week I will be covering the Caribbean, starting with Cuba. Sadly, I haven’t tasted Cuban cuisine yet, but I gotta say I love Café Cubano & Cuban Cigars. The first time I had these 2 together was in Florida & it was June. It must have been around lunch time, and I didn’t have lunch just yet. Instead I ordered a Cuban Espresso & loved it so much, that I walked back into the coffee shop & asked for another. The taste of bitter espresso & the sweetness of sugar was unforgettable. The combination of the sweet espresso, Cuban cigars & the humidity in June all got to me a bit, and I briefly felt nauseous. I recovered during lunch and hit the beach after. I will never forget the taste of Café Cubano, it’s amazing! 🙂

Vegas, Florida or Arizona?

Now that Tombstone Thursdays have ended, I would like to start new weekly posts. I want to hear from you, on what you would enjoy reading about most, and what photos you are most looking forward to. There are 3 new options: Vegas, I’ve visited Vegas a few times, so I have plenty of photos to share. I’ve travelled via car & via air. Florida, I’ve visited Florida twice. Both times I was in Clearwater area. And lastly Arizona Hikes. As I’ve lived in Arizona for a few years, I have quiet a few hikes to recommend along with photographs. The poll will close in 1 week time. I’m really looking forward to your replies 🙂