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Roma – A Photo Essay

First time I visited Rome was during my January 2015 birthday. Since then I have visited a couple more times. Rome is one of those cities you keep coming back to. I absolutely love the colors of this city, the people, the language, the FOOD! Everything about Rome is absolutely beautiful. This photographic blog post is from my most recent trip last month.  Food For Breakfast I would usually have some sort of a delicious pastry & coffee For Lunch, it was always pasta. My favorite restaurant is Trattoria da Enzo in Trastevere. I highly suggest you arrive at 12:30pm when lunch starts or earlier, because otherwise you will be waiting in line. The food is very fresh here & prices are excellent!  In Afternoon, I would usually have gelato! And I have concluded that Venchi is my favorite! Sometimes I also had Aperol Spritz which is a local favorite. I also tried Suppli for the first time which are fried balls made out of rice, tomato and cheese. They are very delicious & make …

7 Reasons Why You Should Eat at Dionysus Mansion:

Above: Salmon w/ roasted vegetables  Last night I enjoyed an incredible dinner at a new restaurant and I’m sharing a quick review below. Next time I will try one of the salads, a dessert, a glass of wine and capture more photos of this beautiful place. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Eat at Dionysus Mansion: 1. Extremely friendly staff 2. Beautiful interior design 3. You can eat your dinner on a swing 4. Delicious Food! 5. Game of Thrones Theme song comes on 6. Complimentary Guaba Nectar shot after your meal 7. Great prices Address: 16th June Street, Nr. 5, Limassol 3022 Phone: 25 222-210 Hours: Mon-Sat 12:30pm-1am, Sunday 1-9pm

Day 9 Part 3: Pissouri Village, Aphrodite’s Rocks, Lunch at Kouklia Village

Next up we stopped by Pissouri Village and took a little walk then headed to Aphrodite’s Rocks. Legend says that this is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite and that’s why Cyprus is called the Island of Love. By now, we were all pretty hungry, so the next stop was lunch at Gabriel’s Tavern in Kouklia Village. Pissouri Village Aphrodite’s Rocks Lunch at Kouklia Village VIDEO: Lunch at Gabriel’s Tavern in Kouklia Village      

Day 5: Birthday

I had breakfast at the apartment and Annie had breakfast at this little bistro by our apartment. Then we headed to the beach. Since we had a lunch reservation, we didn’t want to go too far from the apartment, so we headed in the opposite direction this time and found a little private beach close to the apartment. Of all the days, it just so happened to be cloudy on Annie’s birthday. We went for a swim anyways, and took our usual bikini selfie. It was only cloudy for an hour or two and then the sky cleared up perfectly. After the beach, we went back to the apt to get ready for Annie’s birthday lunch and my mum was joining us girls for that too. We had lunch at Akakiko which serves delicious Asian dishes. Video: 360 degree view at Royal Apollonia Hotel After lunch we went over to this little dive bar that had super cheap drinks for €2 and had cocktails there and surprisingly there were all right. Later we went for a little walk …

Sunday Brunching at The Cookhouse

On Sunday, my brother along with his fiancée kidnapped me & took me to The Cookhouse for brunch here in Limassol. From across the street this place doesn’t look like much. It’s only when you get closer and inside that you notice its beauty and charm. We didn’t have a reservation, and after experiencing their busy Sunday brunch rush hour, I am definitely making a reservation next time. We only waited 10-15 minutes for a table to open up, but when this is your first food stop of the day, that seems like a while to your stomach. We were seated at the entrance of the outside patio on a long table that could seat about a dozen people comfortably. The menu was delicious! With any new place I visit, I sort of have to scan through most of the menu first, see what all my options are, and then narrow it down to 2-3 items, and then finally pick what I want the most. It’s always a process, hence why I do better with less choices. I wasn’t craving …

Day 2: Part 2: Molos & Marina

If you missed the previous posts, make sure you check them out below. Day 1 – Night 1 w/ Miss Anna R. Day 2: Part 1: Mediterranean After the beach, we went over to the nearby store to pick up some water since we were running low. We also picked up some Aloe Vera drinks to boost our hydration after the beach. The plan was to head over to the Limassol Marina and have lunch there, but we were both starving so we went over to the nearby restaurant for some sushi lunch first. After our lunch, we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready, then took the #30 bus to the downtown seafront area. We got off at Molos which is a big seaside park & promenade and walked along the entire boardwalk. When got hungry again so we purchased some delicious grilled corn on the cob. I’ve made a short video on Molos, but have no idea how to add it in the new WordPress editor, so if anyone knows the trick, please …


In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: “Treat.” Treats and indulgences can take many forms. Share yours with us! Location: Wagamama at Limassol Marina – Cyprus Lunch treat courtesy of my bro. This is a New dish on the menu called Surendra’s Curry with Perch fillet & it’s Gluten Free: “a rich, spicy green curry made with jalapeño peppers, onion and ginger. topped with sweet potato straws and served with steamed rice. garnished with mixed sesame seeds”

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week in your part of the world. If you missed the previous 2 Wellbeing Wednesdays posts you can find them below:   Let’s get right to it! It’s getting hotter over here on the island. Highs are now around 34-38+ C (93-100+ F) & the humidity has most definitely risen too. I know because, I am just finding out how much sweat my face can actually produce. I am pretty sure, this is healthy.  So far, I’m loving the weather. ☀ ☀ ☀ Every day is super sunny & I am pretty sure this powerful sun could make the most miserable person smile! 🙂 –> 10 Healing Benefits of the Sun Workout Hours: Probably around 5+ hours of mostly cardio this week. Because of the workout increase which is burning more calories, I’ve been eating more too. I have just realized that I’ve been eating mostly vegan food this summer, probably about 95% of the time. Which is pretty awesome! I think more than 50% of the food I’ve been eating …